Thursday, June 12, 2014

Being Courted Out of Mormonism; The Big Tent is Shrinking

 "This is the big tent of Mormonism and Kate Kelly and John Dehlin are holding the hammers and stakes to extend the tent further. I realized today that the church is much more invested in protecting its authoritarian control than to make room for those who are seeking to expand the walls of Mormonism. Today is the day I realized that the institution of Mormonism is unrecognizable to me."

Six months ago, I was the first woman in the world to report being extended an invitation for an official disciplinary court for supporting OW. In this post, I tell that story and how it began a friendship with John Dehlin and Kate Kelly, who are currently being summoned for respective Courts of Love for apostasy.

Something that I really loved about this post was this comment left over at rational faiths. Many mormons question my motives and dislike what I write about. I want them to know that THIS is why I write:
"Hope you don’t mind me sharing. I have been reading and following many of the articles and comments by you, Mr. Volluz, and Mr. Barker for a little more than half a year now. I was a member of the church that could no longer reconcile what I truly felt, with what was going on and what was being taught. I did not know how to find the strength or faith to remain a part, and advocate for change from within. Largely because of the insight, compassion, and wit the three of you bloggers have shown I started to develop hope. Started to consider that maybe the choice I had made is wrong, and I could be a part of it and advocate for change from within.

I recently started attending church services again. Something I haven’t done in about 8 years. I have often wanted to contact any of you 3, just to ask questions, but never knew how to, and never raised the courage to make the attempt, because I was afraid you guys would do something crazy like say even more stuff that made complete sense, and then I’d have to act on it and give faith another shot. Much like the work of Ms. Kelly, and Mr. Dehlin, you guys here at rationalfaiths have helped revive something inside me I believed was long dead and buried. Faith, and hope. It saddens me greatly to see what is happening right now, but also makes me firmly believe that a drastic time for change is quickly approaching. Perhaps now is the time to stand together. Perhaps the people are the instrument the Lord is trying to use to bring forth change. I don’t know where things will go from here, but wherever they do I just want to thank you for your articles, and helping restore some hope for me personally. And thank Mr. Volluz, and Mr. Barker as well for the same."