Tuesday, May 24, 2011


       I really didn't know what to think about this movie going into it, but I walked out of the theater quite happy on a whole. Where it could have been über cheesey, it managed to walk a fine line and pay tribute to classic comic books while still being contemporary enough to appeal to a larger audience.
       Chris Hemsworth was too perfect for the role! I simply loved him. He acted his part really well, despite having scripted lines that would be hard to deliver in a natural, believable way. I was about as impressed as I could be with him in this particular movie. I'd feel amiss if I didn't point out that he not only was a decent actor, but was perhaps the most perfectly sculpted man I've ever seen, lol. Plus, he kind of really reminded me of Heath Ledger. They both have the same Australian accent and same tone to their voice, that was the first thing I noticed. Then I noticed that Chris's smile was even rather reminiscent of Heath's and something about his mannerisms in general just kept linking the two for me. That wasn't really a parallel I was anticipating and it took me half of the movie to realize who Chris reminded me of—but once I realized it was Heath—that was all I could see!
       The writing for subcharacters was kind of lame though. I don't know... I just wasn't feeling it. Thor's friends were used too much for easy humor, and I suppose that's fine; just not my style.
       Anthony Hopkins and the other leads were all really good though, aside from Natalie Portman. I usually really like her, but this wasn't her movie. A lot of it was bad scripting so I'll try to be forgiving, but she definitely didn't win me over in this role.
       Overall though, I think it was a great movie that most anyone would enjoy. I was also super excited to see that Kenneth Branagh was the director! I have loved him forever, so I'm glad to see him continuing to do great work.

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merrilykaroly said...

Yeah, I wasn't sold even a little bit on the romance. There just wasn't any... and then they were separated for eternity and longing to see each other. I blame it on Natalie, not Thor. I agree that he was a stud and did a good job. I also (always) like Anthony Hopkins, and I really liked the bad guy for some reason. But most of the other supporting characters didn't do it for me. On the whole I hadn't expected much and got about what I had expected, but it was fun to watch.