Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer, stay forever

Today being the first day of fall, my brain instantly went to one of my favorite blog posts ever which just so happened to be written by my dear friend Adele. I would love to just pretend I wrote this because it applies to my current feelings so aptly, but all credit goes to Adele! I hope you all enjoy it:

When I see the leaves changing colors on the mountains, I ignore it.

It's not that I don't want them to change color-- autumn is my favorite time of year. I just don't believe it. I tell myself that it's not really happening, not yet. How could it be? How could it be fall already?

Do you ever ache as you hold your baby because he is just so beautiful and sweet and precious that you don't know what to do about it? You know he is growing up so fast, but all you can do is sit and watch, and know that you are missing so much, and that time is slipping by, and that it will soon be winter, and then spring. And your baby will be growing up.

Don't grow up! Stay how you are! Gaze up at me with those big, round, innocent, curious eyes. Put your hand on my face and stare in wonder at me, let a grin take over your face, laugh when I say "peekaboo." Listen as I sing you a lullaby, rock back and forth to the music. Race across the floor in overwhelming excitement when the front door is open to the outside world or when the bathwater starts running.

Don't grow up. Don't leave me. Don't become just another big person in the world. Be my baby forever, let me hold you, let me kiss your soft cheeks, let me touch your soft hair. Curl your fingers around mine.

Summer, stay forever.

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merrilykaroly said...

Oh goodness! I didn't even remember this post until I read a little of it. Man, that was a year ago? And Bennett already grew up. I should've known he would.